Curriculum Vitae
Full Name Waleed Faisal
Position / Job Title Marie Curie Career-fit fellow
Affiliation University College Cork, Ireland

Dr. Waleed Faisal joined the School of Pharmacy in University College Cork, Ireland as a Marie Curie Career-Fit fellow in Feb 2018. He also, working as a part-time lecturer in Griffith College, Ireland. Dr Faisal has 13 years of experience designing and executing multidisciplinary research projects within the field of pharmaceutical formulation science and manufacturing, and he has a number of research papers published in these areas. The key focus of his research is the development and manufacture of effective, high quality, cost effective medicinal products. He is actively involved in collaborative projects with pharmaceutical companies, both SME and multi-nationals. From 2016-2018 he was appointed as a Postdoc researcher in EI/IDA funded PMTC Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre, as well as a researcher in SFI funded SSPC- Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Research Centre. Prior to joining UCC.

Dr. Faisal was employed as a lecturer of Pharmaceutics, Minia University, Egypt. Dr. Faisal graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from Asyut University, Egypt in 1997. In 2009, he completed a PhD in Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy, University College Cork, Ireland.

- Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Trials (2020)
- Postgraduate Cert in Teach & Learning in Higher Ed, UCC. (2019)
- PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCC (2009)
- Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Egypt (2002)
- Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Egypt (1997)

- Part-time lecturer, Griffith College, Ireland (2018-2020)
- Postdoctoral researcher, UCC, Cork, Ireland (2016-2018)
- Lecturer Pharmaceutics, Minia University, Egypt & Joint lecturer of Pharmaceutics, Nahda University, Egypt (2013-2016)
- Postdoctoral researcher, UCC, Cork, Ireland (2010-2013)
- Demonstrator in School of Pharmacy UCC, Cork, Ireland (2005-2009)
- Lecturer Assistant Pharmaceutics, Minia University, Egypt (2003-2005)
- Pharmacist, El-Marwa Pharmacy, Asyut, Egypt (2002-2003)
- Demonstrator Pharmaceutics, Minia University, Egypt (1999-2002)
- Pharmacist; El-Galaa Military Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt. (1997-1999)

My research interests focus on the development of optimized and targeted drug delivery systems. This includes:
- Formulation and characterization of microneedle drug delivery systems.
- Lipid-based formulations for enhancing oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drug compounds.
- Targeted drug delivery to the intestinal lymphatics.
- Development of silica-based drug formulations to enhance the oral bioavailability of therapeutic compounds.

My research experience is developed over 14 years. During this period, I have built up an extensive network with internal and external collaborators including academia (UCC, CIT, UL) and industrial partners such as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC), Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC).