Curriculum Vitae
Full Name Hyungil Jung
Position / Job Title Professor/Department of Biotechnology CSO / Juvic Inc
Affiliation Yonsei University
Dr. Hyungil Jung is Professor of Department of Biotechnology at Yonsei University. Dr. Jung received B.S degree in food engineering and M.S. in food and biotechnology from Yonsei University. In 2002, he completed Ph. D. in biological and environmental engineering at Cornell University. After Ph. D., he joined California Institute of Technology as Postdoctoral Research Associate in 2004. Dr. Jung’s current research includes microneedle fabrication for drug delivery system, dissolving microneedle for biological drug delivery, development of cosmetics and vaccine patch, ocular drug delivery via microneedle, and blood extraction device for ubiquitous healthcare along both academic and commercial fields. Dr. Jung acted as Special Issue Editor of Pharmaceutics in Drug Delivery and Controlled Release. He founded Juvic Inc. and is currently serving as Chief Science Officer. He also received “Excellence in Research Award” from Yonsei University 8 times annually since 2012.

Selected publications:
1. Byeong-Min Lee et. al, “Dissolving Microneedles for Rapid and Painless Local Anesthesia”, Pharmaceutics (2020)
2. Shayan Fakhraei Lahiji et. al, “Tissue Interlocking Dissolving Microneedles for Accurate and Efficient Transdermal Delivery of Biomolecules” Scientific Reports (2019)
3. Chisong Lee et. al, “Comparative Study of Two Droplet-based Dissolving Microneedle Fabrication Methods for Skin Vaccination” Advanced Healthcare Materials (2018)
4. Huisuk Yang et. al, “Centrifugal Lithography: Self-Shaping of Polymer Microstructures Encapsulating Biopharmaceutics by Centrifuging Polymer Drops” Advanced Healthcare Materials (2017)
5. Shayan F. Lahiji et. al, “A patchless dissolving microneedle delivery system enabling rapid and efficient transdermal drug delivery” Scientific Reports (2015)
6. Jung Dong Kim et. al, “Droplet-born air blast: Novel dissolving microneedle fabrication” Journal of Controlled Release (2013)