Curriculum Vitae
Full Name Lisa A. Dick
Position / Job Title MTS Platform Leader
Affiliation 3M/Kindeva
Lisa Dick, Ph.D. is a Technology Platform Scientist with 3M Drug Delivery Systems/Kindeva in St. Paul, MN. She leads the Microstructured Transdermal System teams for hollow and solid microneedles from the technical and lab perspective. In this role, she works with teams of formulators, materials scientists, engineers and analysts in the development of coated microneedle drug products, hollow microneedle based drug products, and associated applicators for the transdermal systems. As an expert in the microneedle field, she has delivered over fifteen podium talks and posters at scientific meetings along with authoring several articles. In her 20 years in drug product development, she has previously contributed to inhalation and transdermal drug products for 3M from early-phase feasibility through launch and marketed product support. She has extensive experience with drug product development, materials, including extractables and leachables, quality, and contributes regularly to regulatory filings